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Wed Apr 21 04:18:54 UTC 2021

Sorry for the slow reply.  I finally got around to trying this again.  I still can't figure out what is going on and now the results are weirder.

On my running instance of the quick-start tutorial, I added 2 things:
1. `markdownlint` job in the `check` pipeline, with `node_version: 15` in `test1` (running on the original Focal nodeset)
2. `log-inventory` in the `pre.yaml` in `zuul-config`

This worked.  It even flagged an error in a `` file I had put in the repo.  And I could run it successfully on the Focal node or my new Groovy node.

Then I was added some other bells and whistles (`dstat-graph`) on a different job ... at some point, this quick-start instance hit an error and the whole quick-start instance died.

So I cleaned up and started a new quick-start instance.  And now I can't reproduce the above results.

I'm running into the original problem that I mentioned last week ...
Failed to update apt cache: W:Updating from such a repository can't be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default., W:See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details., E:The repository ' focal Release' does not have a Release file.

This is what my `zuul.yaml` contains ...
- job:
    name: testjob
    run: playbooks/testjob.yaml

- project:
      node_version: 14
        - testjob
        - noop
        - markdownlint:
              node_version: 15
        - testjob


But now I have the `inventory.yaml` which shows (which looks correct) ...
      ansible_connection: ssh
      ansible_host: node
      ansible_port: 22
      ansible_python_interpreter: /usr/bin/python3
      ansible_user: root
        az: null
        cloud: null
        host_id: null
        interface_ip: node
        label: ubuntu-focal
        private_ipv4: null
        provider: static-vms
        public_ipv6: null
        region: null
    node_version: 15
      - '<Job base branches: None source: zuul-config/zuul.d/jobs.yaml at master#1>'
      - '<Job markdownlint branches: None source: zuul/zuul-jobs/zuul.d/python-jobs.yaml at master#351>'
      - '<Job markdownlint branches: None source: test1/zuul.yaml at master#5>'
      attempts: 3
      branch: master
      build: 74401968d018454ab49e530a2a219fe7
      buildset: c776db4d164d419b9a51857a3ff3d1d3
      change: '2'
      change_url: http://gerrit:8080/2
      child_jobs: []
      event_id: 8321b5dee7624811b53c19e732caab96
        hostname: 3a4c19244fa2
        inventory_file: /var/lib/zuul/builds/74401968d018454ab49e530a2a219fe7/ansible/inventory.yaml
        log_root: /var/lib/zuul/builds/74401968d018454ab49e530a2a219fe7/work/logs
        result_data_file: /var/lib/zuul/builds/74401968d018454ab49e530a2a219fe7/work/results.json
        src_root: /var/lib/zuul/builds/74401968d018454ab49e530a2a219fe7/work/src
        work_root: /var/lib/zuul/builds/74401968d018454ab49e530a2a219fe7/work
      - branch: master
        change: '2'
        change_url: http://gerrit:8080/2
        patchset: '5'
          canonical_hostname: gerrit
          canonical_name: gerrit/test1
          name: test1
          short_name: test1
          src_dir: src/gerrit/test1
      job: markdownlint
      jobtags: []
      message: SW5pdGlhbCBqb2IKCkNoYW5nZS1JZDogSTVkYTA1NzdkMjk3ZTk3MDcyZmMxMmNiNGZhMDYyNzE2NGY1OGM0Y2MK
      patchset: '5'
      pipeline: check
      post_review: false
        canonical_hostname: gerrit
        canonical_name: gerrit/test1
        name: test1
        short_name: test1
        src_dir: src/gerrit/test1
          canonical_hostname: gerrit
          canonical_name: gerrit/test1
          checkout: master
          name: test1
          required: false
          short_name: test1
          src_dir: src/gerrit/test1
      ref: refs/changes/02/2/5
      resources: {}
      tenant: example-tenant
      timeout: 1800
      voting: true

In the console, the failure occurs while executing `` on the `Play: Ensure Markdownlint is installed via NPM` task.

- mike.

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<mikeyang at> writes:

> Thanks for the quick and detailed reply.  I swear I have tried several
> variations of these suggestions to no avail, but I will try again with
> your specific examples (when I can get back to my computer).
> Following up to your additional details of how variables work.  I had
> also tried to make Ansible more verbose by running `zuul-executor
> verbose` (by connecting a bash shell to the
> `zuul-tutorial-scheduler_1` container) but I did not see any
> difference in the output in the Zuul web logs.  Am I not enabling that
> correctly or am I looking in the wrong place to see the additional
> verbosity?

Oops, that could use more clarity in the docs.

You'll find the output in the container logs.  And when it says verbose,
it means it.  Every build has a UUID, you'll be best served by grepping
the logs for that uuid.

It's in the container logs because the Ansible output with -vvv is more
likely to contain sensitive information that users perhaps shouldn't
have access to; it's mostly intended as an admin debugging tool.

Note that there is quite a lot of information in the build console which
is available to all users; more than even appears in the streaming text

For example, here is the Ansible task that installs node 14 in one of
Zuul's builds; you can see all of the module arguments are there for
inspection (even though they aren't printed out in the streaming log):

The other useful user-level debugging tool for a situation like this is
the inventory that Zuul provided to Ansible; here's how we can confirm
that node_version was set to 14 for this build.


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