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James E. Blair jim at
Fri Apr 16 19:52:40 UTC 2021

<mikeyang at> writes:

> Thanks for the quick and detailed reply.  I swear I have tried several
> variations of these suggestions to no avail, but I will try again with
> your specific examples (when I can get back to my computer).
> Following up to your additional details of how variables work.  I had
> also tried to make Ansible more verbose by running `zuul-executor
> verbose` (by connecting a bash shell to the
> `zuul-tutorial-scheduler_1` container) but I did not see any
> difference in the output in the Zuul web logs.  Am I not enabling that
> correctly or am I looking in the wrong place to see the additional
> verbosity?

Oops, that could use more clarity in the docs.

You'll find the output in the container logs.  And when it says verbose,
it means it.  Every build has a UUID, you'll be best served by grepping
the logs for that uuid.

It's in the container logs because the Ansible output with -vvv is more
likely to contain sensitive information that users perhaps shouldn't
have access to; it's mostly intended as an admin debugging tool.

Note that there is quite a lot of information in the build console which
is available to all users; more than even appears in the streaming text

For example, here is the Ansible task that installs node 14 in one of
Zuul's builds; you can see all of the module arguments are there for
inspection (even though they aren't printed out in the streaming log):

The other useful user-level debugging tool for a situation like this is
the inventory that Zuul provided to Ansible; here's how we can confirm
that node_version was set to 14 for this build.


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