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On 2021-04-16 18:49:50 +0000 (+0000), mikeyang at wrote:
> And please let me know if there is a more appropriate forum to ask
> this question or get eval support.

Nope, this is it. Or the #zuul channel on the Freenode IRC network
if you enjoy a sometimes more synchronous discussion.

>   4.  I tried to run the `markdownlint` Zuul job on the Groovy
>       node but it fails on the `ensure-nodejs` role
>      *   It tries to add `
>          groovy main` as a repo
>      *   This fails because `dists/groovy` only exists in the
>          10/12/14/15.x repos

We could probably address this in a user-friendly way by adding some
platform detection logic in the role defaults, but right now it's
just always 6 unless overridden:

>      *   I tried many different ways to assign `node_version` to
>          15, but the job always fails trying to add `node_6.x`

Some examples of how we set the node_version var can be found in the
js-jobs.yaml of Zuul's standard library:

> From the Ansible documentation, I see that there are many places
> in precedence to overwrite a role’s default value, but I have not
> gotten any of these to work.  And I’m unclear about how the
> precedence extends into Zuul’s `job.vars` and `jobs.extra-vars`
> (are these equivalent to passing on Ansible’s command line?).

Yes, exactly, also explained here:

Hope that helps, and feel free to post more questions to the list!
Jeremy Stanley
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