Report from Gerrit User Summit

James E. Blair corvus at
Wed Sep 4 16:57:49 UTC 2019


Monty and I attended the Gerrit User Summit and hackathon last week.
Zuul came up quite a lot, so I wanted to highlight some things here.
For a fuller report of the event, see my mail to the OpenStack-Infra
mailing list here:

The following is an extract of the Zuul-relevant parts from that:


Zuul is happily used at Volvo by the propulsion team at Volvo (currently
v2, working on moving to v3) [2].  Other teams are looking into it.

The Gerrit maintainers are interested in using Zuul to run Gerrit's
upstream CI system.  Monty and I plan on helping to implement that.

We spoke at length with Edwin and Alice who are largely driving the
development of the new "checks" API in Gerrit.  It is partially
implemented now and operational in upstream Gerrit.  As written, we
would have some difficulty using it effectively with Zuul.  However,
with Zuul as a use case, some further changes can be made so that I
think it will integrate quite well, and with more work could be a quite
nice integration.

At a very high level, a "checker" in Gerrit represents a single
pass/fail result from a CI system or code analyzer, and must be
configured on the project in advance by an administrator.  Since we want
Zuul to report the result of each job it runs on a change, and we don't
know that set of jobs until we start, the current implementation doesn't
fit the model very well.  For the moment, we can use the checks API to
report the overall buildset result, but not the jobs.  We can, of
course, still use Gerrit change messages to report the results of
individual jobs just as we do now.  But ideally, we'd like to take full
advantage of the structured data and reporting the checks API provides.

To that end, I've offered to write a design document[1] describing an
implementation of support for "sub-checks" -- an idea which appeared in
the original checks API design as a potential follow-up.

Sub-checks would simply be structured data about individual jobs which
are reported along with the overall check result.  With this in place,
Zuul could get out of the business of leaving comments with links to
logs, as each sub-check would support its own pass/fail, duration, and
log url.

Later, we could extend this to support reporting artifact locations as
well, so that within Gerrit, we would see links to the log URL and docs
preview sites, etc.

There is an opportunity to do some cross-repo testing between Zuul and
Gerrit as we work on this.

Upstream Gerrit's Gerrit does not have the SSH event stream available,
so before we can do any work against it, we need an alternative.  I
think the best way forward is to implement partial (experimental)
support for the checks API, so that we can at least use it to trigger
and report on changes, get OpenDev's Zuul added as a checker, and then
work on implementing sub-checks in upstream Gerrit and then Zuul.


I'm sure I'm leaving stuff out, so feel free to prompt me with
questions.  In general we got a lot of work done and I think we're set
up very well for future collaboration.



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