Increasing project visibility

James E. Blair corvus at
Wed Sep 18 14:54:16 UTC 2019

Thierry Carrez <thierry at> writes:

> Matthieu Huin wrote:
>> Would it be worth the effort to aggregate articles and advertise
>> upcoming or previous talks/workshops in public events, on something
>> like "openstack planet" directly on
>> <>? This might not increase visibility but would
>> start building "credibility" in a way.
> Before going to deep into specific tactics to increase "visibility", I
> think it would be good to define desirable (and reasonable)
> objectives, i.e. what success would look like. I would personally
> pitch:
> - Be mentioned on the first page of google results if you search for
> "open source CI tools" (not necessarily the Zuul website itself, could
> just be an article on CI tools that mentions Zuul)
> - Identify 5 new, previously-unknown, Zuul users
> There are various tactics that can be used to reach those results (in
> particular for the first objective), but do we agree that those are
> desirable outcomes ? Any other measurable, reasonable, and desirable
> Zuul visibility objective we could aim for?

I performed a similar search to goal #1: "open source ci" and the top
hit (at least in my google bubble) looked pretty actionable.  I've
started an etherpad with a list:

Maybe we can list suggestions there and sign up for taking those on.


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