Open Infrastructure Summit Shanghai: Forum Submissions Open

Jimmy McArthur jimmy at
Thu Sep 5 00:55:08 UTC 2019

Hello Everyone!

We are now accepting Forum [1] submissions for the 2019 Open 
Infrastructure Summit in Shanghai [2].  Please submit your ideas through 
the Summit CFP tool [3] through September20th.  Don't forget to put your 
brainstorming etherpad up on the Shanghai Forum page [4].

This is not a classic conference track with speakers and presentations. 
OSF community members (participants in development teams, operators, 
working groups, SIGs, and other interested individuals) discuss the 
topics they want to cover and get alignment on and we welcome your 
participation.  The Forum is your opportunity to help shape the 
development of future project releases. More information about the Forum 
[1].  Keep in mind, Forum submissions are for discussions, not 

The timeline for submissions is as follows:

Sep 4th | Formal topic submission tool opens:
Sep 20th | Deadline for proposing Forum topics. Scheduling committee 
meeting to make draft agenda.
Sep 30th | Draft Forum schedule published. Crowd sourced session 
conflict detection. Forum promotion begins.
Oct 7th | Scheduling committee final meeting
Oct 14th | Forum schedule final
Nov 4-6| Forum Time!

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to 
speakersupport at <mailto:speakersupport at>.


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