Gitea driver implementation

Artem Goncharov artem.goncharov at
Tue Sep 27 06:01:01 UTC 2022

Hi Jim,

Thanks for comments.

To answer your question - yes, we run it on our side as part of mission
critical infrastructure right now. So far things are going well. As I wrote
initially - Gitea api is bit weird, but honestly speaking GitHub and Gitlab
are also weird in different aspects, not a single one of them is designed
100% like you would expect from a good API. But also we personally are much
more satisfied with it compared to both GitHub and Gitlab that are used in
the same installation.

Now regarding patch series, I can press all of the changes into 2-3 changes
which are going to be big. That will surely reduce the burden of rebasing,
but not necessarily make it easier to review. At the moment it is built as
this big series exactly because I wanted to keep individual patches
considerably small and focusing on single feature (i.e. adding requirements
or merge reporting). Do you have any suggestions whether to compress the
changes and how granular? I can surely address reviews in the same change,
I just did it this way to avoid rebasing big stack because of nits (and to
keep reviews visible to signal further in the community those are not
unreviewed at all). I fear having less, but bigger changes will not really
help getting reviews, but reach a completely opposite goal.

Test stability: I would love to help, but already now I need to take care
about so many things (especially in OpenStack) that I can't afford looking
also to that topic, sorry.

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On Tue, Sep 27, 2022, 01:25 James E. Blair <jim at> wrote:

> On 9/23/22 03:15, Artem Goncharov wrote:
> > Friendly reminder (not all current zuul jobs seem stable enough
> > therefore rebasing big stack is a real mess with a lot of rechecks).
> Hi Artem,
> Are you planning on using this in serious production?  Or is this
> something you're doing out of general interest?
> I ask because it seems like the Gitea API may be lacking in some areas,
> and I'm not sure it's ready (or Zuul is ready for it).  I'm a bit
> concerned about the maintenance burden for this driver.
> As for the job stability -- we would welcome any changes which make the
> tests more stable.  That's a great way for folks to contribute to the
> health of the community.
> And finally, I'm not sure the patch series needs to be quite so long.  I
> have seen messages indicating that patches have been added to retain
> reviews.  Please make things simple for reviewers by updating changes to
> address comments!  It's much easier for a reviewer to re-apply a vote
> when they see a comment has been fixed rather than chase down the fix in
> a different change.
> Implementing a new driver doesn't need to take a lot of changes.
> -Jim
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