Gitea driver implementation

James E. Blair jim at
Mon Sep 26 23:24:33 UTC 2022

On 9/23/22 03:15, Artem Goncharov wrote:
> Friendly reminder (not all current zuul jobs seem stable enough 
> therefore rebasing big stack is a real mess with a lot of rechecks).

Hi Artem,

Are you planning on using this in serious production?  Or is this 
something you're doing out of general interest?

I ask because it seems like the Gitea API may be lacking in some areas, 
and I'm not sure it's ready (or Zuul is ready for it).  I'm a bit 
concerned about the maintenance burden for this driver.

As for the job stability -- we would welcome any changes which make the 
tests more stable.  That's a great way for folks to contribute to the 
health of the community.

And finally, I'm not sure the patch series needs to be quite so long.  I 
have seen messages indicating that patches have been added to retain 
reviews.  Please make things simple for reviewers by updating changes to 
address comments!  It's much easier for a reviewer to re-apply a vote 
when they see a comment has been fixed rather than chase down the fix in 
a different change.

Implementing a new driver doesn't need to take a lot of changes.


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