[Forum] Meet the Projects Session!

Kendall Nelson kennelson11 at gmail.com
Tue May 31 15:52:40 UTC 2022

Hello :)

I wanted to take a moment to invite project maintainers, core contributors,
PTLs, governance officials, etc to a meet the projects (projects being the
OIF top level ones- Kata, Zuul, OpenStack, StarlingX, and Airship) session
during the Forum at the upcoming Summit in Berlin. It will take place Tue,
June 7, 11:20am - 12:30pm local in  A - A06.

The idea is to gather in a single place so that newer members of the
community or people unfamiliar with the project can come and meet some of
the active participants and ask questions. It's all really informal so
there is no need to prepare anything ahead of time.

I realize it is pretty late in everyone's planning their schedules for the
summit, but if you have a few minutes to spare to come hang out and meet
some people and network, please do! We would love to see you there.

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