Introducing the zuul-weeder project

Eduardo Santos eduardo.experimental at
Tue May 24 15:25:53 UTC 2022

This tool addresses an issue I had when analyzing the OpenDev Zuul project
configuration. The way I see it there are three "layers" of configuration
in Zuul: components via zuul.conf, tenants via an YAML file (e.g.
main.yaml), and projects via Git repositories (i.e. .zuul.yaml or zuul.d).
Component and tenant configurations are centralized (in
opendev/system-config and openstack/project-config, I think), but project
configuration can span thousands of Git repositories (in the case of
OpenDev), and there isn't a way to natively visualize this in Zuul Web
AFAIK (this data is stored in ZooKeeper I think but having a graphical
dashboard for it is nice). Hope this gets some attention from the Zuul
devs. Nice work folks! :)

Best regards,
Eduardo Santos
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