stage-output role

James E. Blair jim at
Mon May 31 16:33:12 UTC 2021


A while back we had the idea that something like 'stage-output' could be
put in a base job post-run playbook, and then users of any job could
collect log files by just adding zuul job variables.

However, that role has "become: true" set for three tasks (of primary
importance: being able to copy system logs) and there are jobs in
zuul-jobs which drop sudo at the start of the job.  It seems difficult
to reconcile these two ideas.

Should we add some sort of detection in the stage-output role that is
basically: if sudo is available, set become: true for those tasks,
otherwise don't?

Or should we remove become: true from those tasks and ask users to set
become on the entire role invocation if they need it?


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