OpenDev IRC services are moving to OFTC this weekend

James E. Blair jim at
Wed May 26 20:12:54 UTC 2021

Jeremy Stanley <fungi at> writes:

> As a majority of our constituent projects have voiced a preference
> for enacting our long-standing evacuation plan, the OpenDev
> Collaboratory's IRC service bots will be switching from Freenode to
> the OFTC network this weekend (May 29-30, 2021). We understand this
> is short notice, but multiple projects have requested that we act
> quickly. Please expect some gaps in channel logging and
> notifications from our various bots over the course of the weekend.
> I have provided a much more detailed writeup to the service-discuss
> mailing list, and encourage anyone with questions to read it and
> follow up there if needed. Subsequent updates will be sent only to
> service-discuss, in order to limit noise for individual project
> lists and keep further discussion focused in one place as much as
> possible:

I think that's our cue.  :)

I recommend you go ahead and register your nick on OFTC now if you
haven't already.

The #zuul channel on OFTC has been growing, and some of our contributors
have already decided to leave Freenode.  If pressed to say when we
should officially cut over, I would say that we should do so with the
service bots which will happen this weekend.  But realistically we're in
a gray area, and everyone should feel welcome to join #zuul on OFTC and
start chatting there as soon as you like.

I do think that after Friday we should encourage people not to use #zuul
on Freenode.  I will likely remain /joined there for a while in order to
encourage the occasional straggler to move to OFTC.


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