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Matthieu Huin mhuin at redhat.com
Wed Jan 27 13:54:58 UTC 2021

> This might need an extra Gerrit-level permission, and permissions can be
> introduced into Gerrit via plugins if I'm not mistaken. Unlike the
> read-only/admin access described above, this will need mapping from
> projects to Zuul tenants, but that's doable -- see the existing, UI-only
> zuul plugin [1]. That particular mechanism has drawbacks and it only
> supports mapping any repo to at most one Zuul tenant, but it's a start.
> Also, if the allow/deny decision making is handled by our hypothetical
> Gerrit plugin and Gerrit's ACLs, that will also make it possible to also
> let the patch author retry their own changes, etc.
I'd rather see group handling done at the IDP level, this is after all one
of the purposes of federation. I've done a little digging ; group mapping
is possible when using SAML authentication with gitlab, github, and gerrit.
With OpenID Connect, groups aren't part of any standard scopes; but access
rules in Zuul can be set on any claims, so if your token has a group
membership claim, you get this information.

As for admin actions, the intent was to allow trusted users like tenant
maintainers with performing them. You might not want to allow the author of
a change decide to autohold resources whenever they please. Maybe we should
consider scoping further to the project level?
( Also in the specific case of retrying changes, it is already possible to
do so -on some pipelines- with a comment, see

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