swift-proxy repo creation

Jan Kundrát jan.kundrat at cesnet.cz
Wed Jan 27 01:35:28 UTC 2021

> https://wiki.shibboleth.net/confluence/display/DEV/Supported+Protocols )
> and if I got the right eduID, looks like OIDC is also on the roadmap (see
> "extras" column in https://www.switch.ch/edu-id/services/ ).
> This means you should be able to plug the Zuul dashboard to your SSO
> without deploying an extra service, once the changes to the web UI are
> merged.

Interesting, thanks. I haven't heard about these plans (the federation is 
eduid.cz, or edugain.org), so I'll check locally. The last bit I heard was 
"federation is tricky".

> Correct me if I'm wrong, but Gerrit does not have tenants; how would Gerrit
> ACLs help here?

I was assuming a one-time configuration of the plugin. For each tenant, the 
(hypothetical, not-yet-existing) plugin would accept two config options, 
let's call them "read-only" and "admin-access", accepting a Gerrit group 
name/UUID. Anybody who is a member of the corresponding Gerrit group gets 
access to http://gerrit.example.org/plugin/zuul/... proxy. Think of this as 
the "whitelabel Zuul web", but behind Gerrit's existing authentication 
based on group membership.

> How would that work in practice? Allow re-enqueues by people who belong to
> the group(s) that are allowed to set label "Code Review -2...+2" ? How
> would a similar feature translate on github or gitlab?

This might need an extra Gerrit-level permission, and permissions can be 
introduced into Gerrit via plugins if I'm not mistaken. Unlike the 
read-only/admin access described above, this will need mapping from 
projects to Zuul tenants, but that's doable -- see the existing, UI-only 
zuul plugin [1]. That particular mechanism has drawbacks and it only 
supports mapping any repo to at most one Zuul tenant, but it's a start.

Also, if the allow/deny decision making is handled by our hypothetical 
Gerrit plugin and Gerrit's ACLs, that will also make it possible to also 
let the patch author retry their own changes, etc.

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