SQL reporters (how many is too many?)

Tristan Cacqueray tdecacqu at redhat.com
Thu Dec 3 17:26:11 UTC 2020

On Thu, Dec 03, 2020 at 09:08 James E. Blair wrote:
> As you may recall, the v4/v5 plan is, briefly:
> * Make SQL connections required and default in every pipeline
> * release v4.0.0
> * Make explicit SQL use in pipelines an error
> * release v4.1.0
> * Do more HA stuff
> * release v5.0.0
> See [1] for the plan in more detail.
> While reviewing the patch for the first step[2], I wondered if we want
> to think about changing the config file syntax for SQL connections.
> Currently the plan is to keep the existing style:
>   [connection mydatabase]
>   driver=sql
>   dburi=...
> I'm wondering if we should change that to something more like:
>   [database]
>   dburi=...
> Essentially the question at hand is: is there a case for supporting more
> than one SQL connection?
> This will be true no matter which method we choose:
> * Per-pipeline sql connections are out.  At the very least, a given
>   tenant needs exactly one SQL connection in order for the web and other
>   newer features to work.
> * Seamless upgrades will be supported through the v4.0/4.1 release
>   process (there will be at least a release where both syntaxes are
>   supported).
> A brief case for "[database]":
> * It is simpler to have a single database section in the config file.
> * Zuul already supports complete tenant isolation in its API and db
>   schema, so there should be no need to separate data between different
>   tenants via different connections.  Truly paranoid users can run a
>   separate Zuul for different tenants.
> * SQL databases scale really well, with a little bit of attention to our
>   indexes and queries, we shouldn't need multiple connections for
>   scalability purposes.
> A brief case for "[connection mydatabase]":
> * It's not difficult for us to assign a different SQL connection to a
>   tenant.  If we find a need to shard data for scalability reasons, this
>   would be the best place to do it.
> Does anyone else have thoughts about this?  Other reasons to prefer one
> over the other?

It seems like supporting a database per tenant makes things a bit more
complicated. Unless there is a strong use-case for it, then I would vote
for the simpler `[database]` configuration.

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