SQL reporters (how many is too many?)

James E. Blair corvus at inaugust.com
Thu Dec 3 17:08:07 UTC 2020

As you may recall, the v4/v5 plan is, briefly:

* Make SQL connections required and default in every pipeline
* release v4.0.0
* Make explicit SQL use in pipelines an error
* release v4.1.0
* Do more HA stuff
* release v5.0.0

See [1] for the plan in more detail.

While reviewing the patch for the first step[2], I wondered if we want
to think about changing the config file syntax for SQL connections.

Currently the plan is to keep the existing style:

  [connection mydatabase]

I'm wondering if we should change that to something more like:


Essentially the question at hand is: is there a case for supporting more
than one SQL connection?

This will be true no matter which method we choose:

* Per-pipeline sql connections are out.  At the very least, a given
  tenant needs exactly one SQL connection in order for the web and other
  newer features to work.
* Seamless upgrades will be supported through the v4.0/4.1 release
  process (there will be at least a release where both syntaxes are

A brief case for "[database]":

* It is simpler to have a single database section in the config file.
* Zuul already supports complete tenant isolation in its API and db
  schema, so there should be no need to separate data between different
  tenants via different connections.  Truly paranoid users can run a
  separate Zuul for different tenants.
* SQL databases scale really well, with a little bit of attention to our
  indexes and queries, we shouldn't need multiple connections for
  scalability purposes.

A brief case for "[connection mydatabase]":

* It's not difficult for us to assign a different SQL connection to a
  tenant.  If we find a need to shard data for scalability reasons, this
  would be the best place to do it.

Does anyone else have thoughts about this?  Other reasons to prefer one
over the other?



[1] http://lists.zuul-ci.org/pipermail/zuul-discuss/2020-March/001158.html
[2] https://review.opendev.org/630472

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