Elevator Pitch for Zuul

Monty Taylor mordred at inaugust.com
Wed Sep 18 06:40:20 UTC 2019

> On Sep 18, 2019, at 6:44 AM, Greg Dekoenigsberg <gdk at redhat.com> wrote:
> "Speculative gating saved our project."
> --Johannes Foufas, Volvo
> The most important question around Zuul is: why?
> Why, among all of the other CI/CD projects of various descriptions,
> should anyone choose Zuul?
> You generally get a very short time to explain to users why they
> should bother with a new technology, and the answer "Project X Uses
> It," while important, is seldom sufficient.
> I'd like to propose a 50-word elevator pitch for Zuul that focuses on
> its key differentiator: multi-project gating. It goes like this:
> "Complexity doesn't go away; it just moves. In the age of monolithic
> applications, complexity lived in the single application. Now, in the
> age of microservices, complexity lives in the relationships between
> applications. Zuul is the essential CI/CD project for the age of
> microservices, because it provides predictive gating between multiple
> projects.”

I think this is an excellent elevator pitch and simply story. When I talk to people that story is the bit that most resonates with them.

> I believe that good marketing consists of two pieces: simplifying a
> story to the resonant essence, and then amplifying that story as much
> as possible. If we can agree that this simple story resonates, maybe
> we can figure out how to get this story in front of as many people as
> possible.

I think we should do what we can to amplify this.

> --g
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