Elevator Pitch for Zuul

Greg Dekoenigsberg gdk at redhat.com
Wed Sep 18 04:44:09 UTC 2019

"Speculative gating saved our project."

--Johannes Foufas, Volvo

The most important question around Zuul is: why?

Why, among all of the other CI/CD projects of various descriptions,
should anyone choose Zuul?

You generally get a very short time to explain to users why they
should bother with a new technology, and the answer "Project X Uses
It," while important, is seldom sufficient.

I'd like to propose a 50-word elevator pitch for Zuul that focuses on
its key differentiator: multi-project gating. It goes like this:

"Complexity doesn't go away; it just moves. In the age of monolithic
applications, complexity lived in the single application. Now, in the
age of microservices, complexity lives in the relationships between
applications. Zuul is the essential CI/CD project for the age of
microservices, because it provides predictive gating between multiple

I believe that good marketing consists of two pieces: simplifying a
story to the resonant essence, and then amplifying that story as much
as possible. If we can agree that this simple story resonates, maybe
we can figure out how to get this story in front of as many people as


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