Common Questions from Ansiblefest

Jimmy McArthur jimmy at
Mon Oct 14 17:10:14 UTC 2019

Thanks everone!  We're working on a superuser article for this.  I think 
we should also add these to the FAQ, but let me work on refining some of 
the answers with Allison and Ashleigh :)

Appreciate your help and input!

Jeremy Stanley wrote:
> Q. What's the catch? What's your business model? How do you expect to
>     make money at this? Is this project venture-capital backed? Are
>     you planning an IPO any time soon?
> A. Zuul is a community-developed free/libre open-source software
>     collaboration between contributors from a variety of
>     organizations and backgrounds. These people have personal and
>     professional interest in seeing Zuul succeed because they, their
>     colleagues, and their employers want to be able to use it
>     themselves to improve their own workflows. There is no one
>     company backing the project, it's openly-governed by a diverse
>     group of maintainers and anyone who's interested in helping
>     improve Zuul is welcome to join the effort. Some companies do
>     have business models which include running Zuul as a service or
>     selling technical support for it, and so have an incentive to
>     assist with writing and promoting the software, but they don't
>     enjoy any particular position of privilege or exert special
>     decision-making power within the project.

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