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Jeremy Stanley fungi at
Fri Oct 11 14:08:17 UTC 2019

On 2019-10-10 13:51:21 -0500 (-0500), Jimmy McArthur wrote:
> We recently attended Ansiblefest in Atlanta and Zuul had a booth
> there. It was a great opportunity to meet with existing and
> potential Zuulies. Some common questions popped up over and over
> again, so I wanted to crowd source some answers that we could
> place on our FAQ:

Another one (or at least category) I got a lot while greeting folks
at the booth:

Q. What's the catch? What's your business model? How do you expect to
   make money at this? Is this project venture-capital backed? Are
   you planning an IPO any time soon?

A. Zuul is a community-developed free/libre open-source software
   collaboration between contributors from a variety of
   organizations and backgrounds. These people have personal and
   professional interest in seeing Zuul succeed because they, their
   colleagues, and their employers want to be able to use it
   themselves to improve their own workflows. There is no one
   company backing the project, it's openly-governed by a diverse
   group of maintainers and anyone who's interested in helping
   improve Zuul is welcome to join the effort. Some companies do
   have business models which include running Zuul as a service or
   selling technical support for it, and so have an incentive to
   assist with writing and promoting the software, but they don't
   enjoy any particular position of privilege or exert special
   decision-making power within the project.

Of course, I think it's *possible* the reason we got asked these
sorts of questions so many times is that Ansiblefest didn't have a
booth sponsor category for community projects, so they lumped us
into the "start-up company" sponsor category.
Jeremy Stanley
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