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On 2019-12-02 12:02:46 +0000 (+0000), Petar Terziev wrote:
> Commits to B have some basic gating requirements for now - allow
> merging if it builds and some tests pass, etc.

It's going to depend a lot on how those jobs are designed. Do they
install A from source? Are you using a required-projects entry in
those jobs to get Zuul to provide the A source code and is B
consuming the copy of A which Zuul installed in the build

> A` <- Commit that changes an interface B uses enters the gating pipeline
> B` <- Commit that updates B's usage of A and align it with changes
> from A` enters the pipeline
> Ideally, A` would go through its check pipeline and review, and then
> fail gating because it breaks B. Then B` would be queued up and
> somehow retrigger the failed A` pipeline, but now running it with B`,
> causing it to succeed.
> I'm uncertain whether this can be classified as circular dependency,
> and if not - how to achieve it.

This does sound like you're describing a circular dependency between
changes to A and B. The way it tends to get solved is by writing the
change for B so that it supports both the old and new A behaviors.
Then it doesn't matter if the corresponding behavior change to A
merges immediately or months later, B still works. Swap A and B in
that explanation depending on whether you prefer to have your
application support multiple library behaviors or your library to
implement backward-compatibility for its consumers.

Zuul is designed to try to keep your projects compatible with each
other at any given point in a linear timeline (as long as they share
a gate queue). There's always going to be at least a brief moment
where one of the changes has merged and the other has not yet, as no
code review systems I'm aware of implement any sort of
atomic/transactional merge across multiple repositories. If there
were a transient issue impacting the second merge, for whatever
reason, then the first repository where your hypothetical circular
dependency merged could be left in a broken state for an
indeterminate amount of time.

> I have noted the "Depends-On" stanzas you can add to commit messages
> which I could use to express the "B` depends on A`" relationship. But
> would this be enough to give me the desired behaviour above?

It's needed for expressing "this change to A should be tested with
this other change I've proposed to B, and should only be allowed to
merge if the change to B merges first" but doesn't imply any inverse
of that relationship. In fact, if Zuul detects a circular chain of
dependencies between changes, it doesn't currently run jobs for any
of them because it can't determine a safe way to linearly sequence

> Or maybe reference A in the "job.required-projects" configuration
> section of B? The docs say "Speculative merging and cross-repo
> dependencies will be honored", but I am still unsure whether this
> means that in the scenario above, B`'s pipeline will speculatively
> merge A`, and upon its success cause A` to be merged to mainline.

The job.required-projects list asks Zuul to deploy a copy of each of
the listed repositories in the build environment so that your job
can make use of them. In the case of explicit (Depends-On commit
message footers) or implicit (items sequenced in a dependent
pipeline) change dependencies, the repositories will have their
branches updated to include the changes which are indicated by those
dependencies. This is the "speculative merging" mentioned there
(proposed changes are merged to the requisite branches of the copies
of repositories provided to the build).

> The scenario above is not that uncommon, though I realise the whole
> "hold off the library interface change until the implementer is
> up-to-date" may not be standard practice. It's a library used in a
> fairly closed circle, but not closed enough to allow us have A and B
> live in the same repository.

We've had requests for circular change dependencies in the past, and
some ideas have been tossed around for how they might be
implemented, but I'm not aware of any work in progress to add such a
feature right now (others on this ML may know).
Jeremy Stanley
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