Project dependencies question

Petar Terziev pterziev89 at
Mon Dec 2 12:02:46 UTC 2019

Hi all,

I'm new to Zuul - recently started looking at it, as I've been given a
task to set my team's project up to use it for CI.

The company's Zuul guru has left, and the thing I'm trying to do isn't
quite covered by the docs available so I thought I'd reach out to you
to first verify if what I want to do is achievable, and then to see
how it can be done.

We have two repositories, library A and application B, which uses
library A. Commits to B have some basic gating requirements for now -
allow merging if it builds and some tests pass, etc. A however is not
as straight forward. Since changes to its interface can break B's
build, I'd like to hold off breaking interface changes to A until B
also has a job in the pipeline that includes a patch-set to update how
that interface is used:

A` <- Commit that changes an interface B uses enters the gating pipeline
B` <- Commit that updates B's usage of A and align it with changes
from A` enters the pipeline

Ideally, A` would go through its check pipeline and review, and then
fail gating because it breaks B. Then B` would be queued up and
somehow retrigger the failed A` pipeline, but now running it with B`,
causing it to succeed.

I'm uncertain whether this can be classified as circular dependency,
and if not - how to achieve it.

I have noted the "Depends-On" stanzas you can add to commit messages
which I could use to express the "B` depends on A`" relationship. But
would this be enough to give me the desired behaviour above?

Or maybe reference A in the "job.required-projects" configuration
section of B? The docs say "Speculative merging and cross-repo
dependencies will be honored", but I am still unsure whether this
means that in the scenario above, B`'s pipeline will speculatively
merge A`, and upon its success cause A` to be merged to mainline.

The scenario above is not that uncommon, though I realise the whole
"hold off the library interface change until the implementer is
up-to-date" may not be standard practice. It's a library used in a
fairly closed circle, but not closed enough to allow us have A and B
live in the same repository.

Any pointers to additional methods or more useful documentation would
be much appreciated.


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