Multi-repo merge

James E. Blair corvus at
Mon Nov 26 15:35:42 UTC 2018

"Mike Pagel" <mike at> writes:

> Zuul is great in gating projects consisting of many repositories. It even
> supports dependencies of changes within a single or across multiple
> repositories. Our project is making heavy use of this. Every now and then we
> are facing dependencies that unfortunately are not unidirectional. I know,
> we should have better thought about clean repo structures in the first
> place, but one not too artificial example is a situation where repositories
> are structured to express ownership, visibility and write access. In Github
> for instance, all this is configured at the repository level.

I would be happy to have such a feature in Zuul, though implementing it
is a bit complex.  There are two things we need -- the ability for Zuul
to push directly to a source:!/story/1021878

and then support for bi-directional cross-repo-dependencies:!/story/1021879

We need support for Zuul pushing changes in order to merge changes to
multiple repositories "atomically" (or as near to that as we can

I'm not aware of anyone currently working on that; if you or someone
else is interested, please let me know.

(In case you're curious -- we didn't implement this when Zuul was
developed for OpenStack because we decided that we wanted OpenStack to
be continuously deployable from commit to commit, which means we
couldn't ever require someone to upgrade two components at once.)


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