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Mon Nov 26 13:47:12 UTC 2018

Zuul is great in gating projects consisting of many repositories. It even
supports dependencies of changes within a single or across multiple
repositories. Our project is making heavy use of this. Every now and then we
are facing dependencies that unfortunately are not unidirectional. I know,
we should have better thought about clean repo structures in the first
place, but one not too artificial example is a situation where repositories
are structured to express ownership, visibility and write access. In Github
for instance, all this is configured at the repository level.


If you like see the sample how such a situation could arise.


--- Start of sample  ---


Assume company A is the owner of repository A, holding operating system and
a top-level application framework (the "main" function in C). Further assume
company B is the owner of repository B, implementing a module on top of the
operating system, and the module is invoked by A's top level application.


At the build level the dependencies are clear and well defined, but at the
repo level they are bidirectional.


Some changes in A and B will depend on each other. It turns out that a
clean, backward compatible PR design, leading to unidirectional changes as
required by zuul is almost always possible, but not always easy. E.g. think
of a change where A replaces a BSP in their operating system, which requires
adaptation in B. It might not be possible to temporarily have two BSPs in A,
the the change to A will break the build. Nor can B simply switch its usage
of APIs, as that, by itself would break the build as well. The only chance
to get this merged would be to temporarily disable some checks, allow for
the first merge, then reenable and merge the second change. Ugly.


--- End of sample ---


It would very much simplify our workflows if an "atomic" merge (from zuul's
point of view) would be possible. I can think of some ways to sort of
realize this with zuul, but none of them is really safe, even if zuul is the
only party executing merges to protected branches.


What would be your suggestion to accommodate such a requirement?


Thanks a lot for any insight and ideas you might have.





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