Zuul project update 2018-07-23

James E. Blair corvus at inaugust.com
Mon Jul 23 15:42:59 UTC 2018


I've published what I hope is the final revision of the container spec.
Please take a look and leave feedback and a vote.

I spent part of last week working on a new zuul-jobs role to upload logs
to swift.  I will continue that this week.  I'm hoping that with two
viable log upload roles, we'll end up with less ambiguity around log
uploading.  Paul is also performing work to improve roles around log

Once that's done, I'll return to my work on line comments.

I believe Tristan has fixed the problem with zuul-web which was blocking
our release last week.  However, we did notice a memory leak in
OpenStack-Infra.  It's possible that it's already fixed by patches that
Tobias happened to already be working on, or it may not.  I'd like to
observe our instance for a few more days to see how it behaves.  But
hopefully we can release Zuul this week.

We're also planning on burning in the current master version of Nodepool
with the idea of making a release there before Shrews goes on vacation.

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