Rethinking the design of base jobs

Paul Belanger pabelanger at
Thu Jul 19 16:31:26 UTC 2018

On Tue, Jul 17, 2018 at 02:08:35PM -0700, James E. Blair wrote:
> Paul Belanger <pabelanger at> writes:
> > Greetings,
> >
> > I'd like to open a discussion around the idea of changing how base jobs work,
> > today base jobs are stored in a trusted config project.  Mostly, this is done
> > because certain aspects of a base jobs need a secret, for example uploading logs
> > to  We also have other tasks in a base job, lets say
> > configure-mirrors, which pre-populates the mirror info on a node from nodepool.
> >
> > As a recap, the main thing to remember about a config project, or trusted job,
> > is we cannot leverage the speculative testing around jobs. We first need to
> > merge a patch, then hope the job continues to work.
> >
> > In openstack-infra, we've create an idea of base / base-test jobs and some
> > instructions[1] on how to interact with them.
> >
> > Now back to configure-mirrors role above, I believe there isn't really a reason
> > for the role to live in a trusted job, nothing it does will affect zuul security
> > (think secrets) or interact with zuul-executor (delagate_localhost). And given
> > that changes to the role need to do the base / base-test dance outlined above,
> > I'd like to make the following suggestion.
> >
> > We keep the idea of base job, but we split it into base (trusted) and base
> > (untrusted).  Given that today zuul cannot support 2 jobs with the same name, I
> > think it would look more like.
> >
> >   foo-zuul-jobs (untrusted project)
> >     - name: base
> >       parent: base-minimal
> >
> >   config-project (trusted)
> >     - name: base-minimal
> >       parent: null
> >
> > This means all jobs, now parent to an untrusted project job, with the main
> > benefit that speculative to base are more easily tested. And things that really
> > need to be locked down (eg secrets), still live in the trusted base-minimal job
> > (NOTE: open to renames).
> >
> > In the case of openstack-infra[2], I actually think a lot of the roles in
> > pre.yaml can be moved into untrusted jobs, if we followed this idea. The
> > post-run tasks, are almost all trusted context.
> >
> > Mind you, we don't really need to make this change in zuul, but I'm more
> > thinking we should use it as the default recommendation for new users.  I'm
> > looking to start implementing the change in but wanted to get the
> > idea out before I proposed changes.
> I think that's a fine thing to experiment with.  The documentation
> describing how to set up and use base jobs in zuul-from-scratch hasn't
> been written yet (see a recent mail from me to this list on the
> subject).  I'm not certain whether we should go as far as recommending
> this approach until someone has tried it and can report their
> experiences, but we could certainly at least mention it and highlight
> its advantages and the pitfalls of putting too much action into the
> trusted context.
> There's an opportunity to editorialize should you wish to write that
> documentation.
> The closest we come to a recommendation would be the zuul-base-jobs
> repo, which does, in fact, have very little in the base job playbooks:
As a follow up, we've pushed this change into today after some
testing, and so far works as expected.  Right now the base (untrusted) job only
runs configure-mirrors, but looking to test more things that have historically
been trusted. This parents to base-minimal (trusted), which parents to null.

I'll be also reaching out to openstack-infra to also see about experimenting
there. I'll also start work on an documentation patch to highlight, as suggested

- Paul

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