zuul-apb to install Zuul on K8/openshift using ansible-service-broker

Artem Goncharov artem.goncharov at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 09:29:22 UTC 2018

Hi all,

as promised in the IRC I am publishing POC work on preparing zuul-apb. It
is intended to help (currently only myself) to install Zuul on top of
Openshift (Kubernetes should be supported also, but with limited
functionality and not tried so far).

The project started to be initially used in my company, where after running
zuul on VMs I decided to shift it to using Openshift. It is currently
located in my personal repo in github with intention to be moved to
corporate repo shortly. But before I do this I wanted to offer it to Zuul
community for discussion. If there is enough interest in adopting it, I am
open and will be glad to shift development under the Openstack hat. So here
are some details:

   - Repo: https://github.com/gtema/zuul-apb
   - project is built to make use of source-to-image
   <https://github.com/openshift/source-to-image> to build own images. This
   is, however, only possible if you use Openshift (not the S2I tool itself,
   but presence of BuildConfigs). Example repo
   <https://github.com/gtema/s2i-zuul> with s2i image scripts. For plain
   Kubernetes this might be later solved by separate pod invoking s2i inside.
   - regular project-config repo is also mandatory, since it is used to
   fetch initial components configuration. It should contain
   zuul/{zuul.conf,main.yaml}, nodepool{nodepool.yaml} files. It is also
   planned to watch project-config changes and redeploy configMaps.
   - gearman certificates and all other secrets are passed as APB
   parameters (unless you use `dev` plan and bootstrap special variables file
   inside for dev purposes) and stored as Secret
   - zookeper cluster is created also part of the project (external cluster
   might be used, but I decided to initially provide own)
   - project is not yet used in production, therefore not everything is how
   it should be. I intend to work on this further. There are also some issues
   with AnsibleServiceBroker itself, which caused some delays and few
   iterations with upstream. So for example the Dockerfile bases on my
   upstream fork due to issues with ansible 2.7 (some bugs in `lookup`,
   causing line breaks to be broken). When changes upstream are published I
   will rebase back.
   - work is based on Tobias's shared Openshift templates - thanks Tobias
   - currently 2 components (nodepool-builder and zuul-executor) are
   requiring privileged accounts to work. This is kind of problem with APB
   approach (and generally using containers), since there is currently no way
   to deliver this nicely and it poses big security risk to the whole cluster.
   Therefore there is a manual step required for deployment to grant those
   privileges. On the other hand nodepool-builder is very poor on running
   inside of container due to lots of required privileges, security concerns,
   and bugs in `elements` with respect to i.e. SELinux handling (
   https://bugs.launchpad.net/diskimage-builder/+bug/1779273), potential
   problems with cross-platform builds. Tristian had an idea of using
   nodepool-launcher to start VM with nodepool-builder (I personally like the
   approach). Otherwise it is anyway funny - VM is running container, which is
   building VM image ;-). Additionally Tristian volunteered to work also on
   zuul-executor not to required privileged account.
   - together with work on containerization of zuul jobs this might become
   a full solution of running zuul under K8/Openshift and complement Windmill
   with a VM installation approach.

I would be glad, if you share your thoughts. Especially whether community
is interested in having this as an official project.

Regards and have a nice weekend,
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