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Tristan Cacqueray tdecacqu at redhat.com
Thu Jul 5 22:32:47 UTC 2018

On July 3, 2018 8:21 pm, Monty Taylor wrote:
> On 07/02/2018 08:36 PM, Tristan Cacqueray wrote:
>> Hi,
>> with the recent angular6 refactor, the web interface components routing
>> slightly changed as it is now managed by the navigation javascript
>> component. Unfortunately this broke multi-tenant setup and we need an
>> extra fixes to support it.
> Whoops. Sorry.
>> Here are some options:
>> A) Make the navigation component call a relative 'api/info' endpoint
>> onInit to be able to introspect the deployment mode: the returned json
>> may contains a 'tenant' value to indicate this is a white label setup.
> This is actually what's been in my brain-hole all along. It's a little 
> strange because we need to do it before we pass the routing list to the 
> decorator - so I'm not 100% sure if we can use angular http stuff will 
> be set up and we might have to use lower-level stuff.
> Incidentally, we could actually just have 2 routing lists - one for 
> single and one for multi - and return the right one based on the results 
> of the api/info call so that we don't have both t/:tenant/status.html 
> and status.html
> I'll work up a patch for this if you don't beat me to it.
The 2 routing lists proposal sounds good, though I think you over-estimate
my understanding of that angular6 stack :-)
Can we call 'api/info' right before doing the NgModule import?
And what's the best practice to make the info structure global so that
the other component can access it?

>> B) Always assume white-label and document that multi-tenant needs to
>> redirect the entrypoint to 't/tenants.html'
>> C) Always assume multi-tenant and document that white-label needs a
>> rewrite rule to redirect the entry-point to 'status.html'
> Both of these seem suboptimal.
>> D) Rewrite the navigation endpoint to rely on a '#!' anchor, this would
>> be a mix of the first option (A) to introspect the setup mode, but
>> using a single 'index.html' file instead.
> Well - we could do this -and don't even need to do #! (angular supports 
> "html5 mode" by default which will do single-page-apps without the need 
> for the #1. However, I think as you mention we'll still need to do A - 
> so I think we should consider "just be a single-page-app" independently.
> I don't think this will wind up being better though. We're actually 
> already using the mechanics that angular uses to do #! - it's the 
> routing table that's currently giving us problems.
I actually just meant single-page.

>> I would prefer D because the current design makes multi-tenant setup
>> looks special with the needed '/t/' path and it feels like a
>> second-class citizen.
> I certainly don't want multi-tenant to be second-class.
Then maybe we could re-think the UX in the future... On one hand
we have a white-label view which is great for a tenant user. Otoh
we have the multi-tenant view with the tenant list and its many statuses,
jobs and builds page that are not very practical when you have more than
2 or 3 tenants. In most cases, shouldn't this multi-tenant view be
restricted to admin users anyway?

> but I think we need to do the important parts of A anyway.
> I don't think we'll be able to get rid of the /t/ paths - or, rather, I 
> don't think getting rid of them would help much. We could make the 
> routing go from 't/:tenant/status.html' to just ':tenant/status.html' - 
> but even if we used #! in the url (which we don't need to do) we'd still 
> want the tenant to be in the URL so that people can bookmark locations, 
> yeah?
Yes, I was hoping that a single-page interface would let us use simpler
http route like zuul.example.com/{tenant-name}/status and
Having a single index.html file would also simplify caching, right now
the browser may fetch the whole bundle if you start from a different view...

> So let's maybe start with A, make sure we get things working properly - 
> and then we can circle back and discuss how much we care about 
> multi-page vs. single-page.
Sounds like a good plan. The option A seems relevant no matter what
directions we take. We are already waiting for a new release of Zuul
so I can find some time to work on this if needed.


>> On the other hand, B or C sounds simple enough and this wouldn't delay
>> much the next release.
>> Regards,
>> -Tristan
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