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    Currently our handling of secrets in branches is less than ideal.  There
    are two problems:
    1) A secret may not be used by a job in another branch of the same
    2) A secret may not be defined in more than one branch of the same
    The first issue is inconvenient for users which want to, for example,
    upload an image to dockerhub for all of the branches of their project.
    The second prohibits the obvious fix for the first issue, but it also
    means that as soon as a project with a secret definition branches, Zuul
    will have a configuration error.
    I believe the original intent was not to restrict secrets to a single
    branch.  If we accept that a secret should be available for use by any
    branch of a project, the fix for that is simple.
    The fix for the second issue is also not too difficult -- we can simply
    permit duplicate definitions, but only on different branches of the same
    project and with the same content.  That allows us to create a new
    branch from an existing one without a configuration error.
    I've implemented these fixes in this change:
    In an IRC conversation, we briefly considered supporting distinct
    secrets on multiple branches -- that is, a secret with the same name on
    multiple branches of the same project but with potentially different
    values on each branch, but that's a bit more difficult to reason about,
    and ultimately doesn't make this more secure.
    An important thing to note about the change is that by permitting the
    use of secrets across branches, if a project has different group
    maintaining the different branches, it could allow a secret to leak from
    one group to the other.  In other words, if a project uses secrets, you
    need to trust the maintainers of all the branches of that project
    It's also worth noting that even in the current situation, where we
    (perhaps accidentally) only allowed the secret to be used within a
    single branch, it is equally trivial for a maintainer of another branch
    of the same project to simply copy the secret to their branch under a
    different name and expose it, since all branches of a project share a
    single private key.  Preventing this would require different keys for
    different branches, which would make branching impossible.
    I think the proposed solution is the best way of handling this, given
    the constraints.  I know some folks would like to use secrets in a
    production-promotion system, where distinct groups have differing levels
    of access control.  I think in those cases, those secrets and jobs will
    have to be located in distinct projects, not branches.

I fully agree on that.
    Please let me know your thoughts and if this affects your use of

That all makes sense to me and I think this won’t affect our current use of secrets.

Kind regards
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