Secret handling in branches

James E. Blair corvus at
Thu Jan 18 16:07:32 UTC 2018

Tristan Cacqueray <tdecacqu at> writes:

> Hi, it seems like there is an extra problem, not related to the branch
> use-case, but that could be taken into account if relevant:
> 3) A secret may not be overriden in a project pipeline.
> If this was possible, then a project could use the python-upload-pypi
> with their own account without having to create a new job. For example:
> - project:
>    release:
>      jobs:
>        - python-upload-pypi:
>            secrets:
>              - name: pypi_info
>                secret: project_pypi_account
> Note that Zuul doesn't prevent to merge such change, but the secret
> doesn't seems to be taken into account.

Secrets are bound to the playbooks attached to the job variant where the
secret is requested.  So if you have:

- job:
    name: parent
    run: playbooks/upload.yaml
    secrets: upload_creds

- job:
    name: child
    run: playbook/expose_secrets.yaml

And you run the child job, it will not have access to the upload_creds
secret when it runs the expose_secrets playbook.  Which is good.  :)

The case you cite is the inverse of that, but it fails for the same
reason.  If you added a playbook to that project-pipeline-variant, then
it would be able to use project_pypi_account.

I could see wanting to make this a one-way system, where you still can't
do my example but could do yours.  If we can convince ourselves that is
safe in all cases, we could probably implement it.  But for the moment,
I think we settled on the idea that the same person(s) controlling the
playbook that uses the secret should be the some ones controlling which
secret is used.


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