Zuul Setup - VPN or Environment with No Public Access

James E. Blair corvus at inaugust.com
Thu Jan 18 16:13:29 UTC 2018

Melvin Hillsman <mrhillsman at gmail.com> writes:

> Awesome, thanks for getting this started so quickly. A quick look at the
> patch and I am excited to see the detail coming out. So I have a publicly
> accessible Zookeeper and Gearman with other services in the same
> environment working fine. I added a zuul-executor and nodepool
> (builder+launcher) to an environment behind a VPN and they can successfully
> talk to the Zookeeper and Gearman in the other public environment. I notice
> however that nodepool is not creating any images or instances within the
> VPN environment and also would like to know how to trigger a job for the
> specific executor I have running within the VPN environment.

It looks like in IRC you tracked the issue down to multiple nodepools
sharing a zookeeper.  Nodepool supports the zookeeper chroot option to
facilitate that, but it looks like we neglected to add that option to
Zuul.  We should do that soon, then that case will be easier.

When Zuul has multiple executors, there isn't a way to trigger a job on
a specific executor.  That's something we can support in the future --
here is a story with an implementation suggestion if someone wants to
start working on it:


In the mean time, since you're using VPNs, perhaps you could make all of
your executors VPN clients for all of your environments?  That way
whichever executor gets a job with nodes in some environment, it can
reach them.


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