Zuul Setup - VPN or Environment with No Public Access

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Thu Jan 18 02:30:20 UTC 2018

Awesome, thanks for getting this started so quickly. A quick look at the
patch and I am excited to see the detail coming out. So I have a publicly
accessible Zookeeper and Gearman with other services in the same
environment working fine. I added a zuul-executor and nodepool
(builder+launcher) to an environment behind a VPN and they can successfully
talk to the Zookeeper and Gearman in the other public environment. I notice
however that nodepool is not creating any images or instances within the
VPN environment and also would like to know how to trigger a job for the
specific executor I have running within the VPN environment.

On Wed, Jan 17, 2018 at 11:08 AM, James E. Blair <corvus at inaugust.com>

> Jeremy Stanley <fungi at yuggoth.org> writes:
> > On 2018-01-16 20:10:19 -0600 (-0600), Melvin Hillsman wrote:
> > [...]
> >> Unfortunately one of the things documentation (could be I just
> >> have not come across it) does not explain is the flow/dependencies
> >> upon each other of the different daemons. I know some folks tried
> >> to explain what could be done but I was still a little loss so
> >> hoping this thread can flush out the details.
> >
> > I agree, we could likely stand to include a diagram showing the
> > traffic flow and default protocols/ports used for communication
> > between the various components. VPNs aside, some users may want to
> > design a more restrictive environment limiting communication between
> > each service with a network firewall and so having all this
> > information in one place in the documentation would be helpful.
> Indeed.  We have a place in the documentation for this, but it was
> missing.  I've taken a stab at filling it in, then used your reply as an
> initial code review.  :)
> Here's the change: https://review.openstack.org/534841
> We also need to see if Nodepool's documentation should be updated and
> start deep-linking to it from Zuul -- or decide if we want to duplicate
> any content.
> > I know we've got gearman from the various (scheduler, mergers,
> > executors) zuul daemons to the gearman server (which in many cases
> > will still be on the same server as the scheduler due to running as
> > a gear subprocess forked from it).
> >
> > Then we've got zookeeper from the various (scheduler, builder,
> > launcher?) nodepool daemons to the zookeeper cluster members.
> In Nodepool v3 we just have builders and launchers, but yes, both need
> to talk to the ZK cluster.
> > There's also statsd from pretty much every one of the above to the
> > statsd collector server.
> Statsd is optional, but I'd certainly recommend it.
> > And OpenStack API calls from (all?) the nodepool daemons.
> >
> > Mergers (including the implicit ones run by executors) also need to
> > be able to clone and fetch from git repositories listed in the
> > configuration.
> >
> > And ansible (and rsync?) over ssh from the executors to the job
> > nodes.
> Ansible rsync module uses ssh in our case.  In the docs though, I just
> said "connect" since the actual mechanism may be different for, say,
> Windows users.  But yeah, whatever Ansible is going to need to do to
> connect to the nodepool nodes, the executors need to be able to do
> that.
> > Also the executors likely need to connect to other systems to
> > perform archival/publication activities (logs, documentation,
> > tarballs...).
> >
> > And of course the job nodes need access to whatever things they have
> > to retrieve for testing.
> >
> > Oh, the zuul scheduler also needs to be able to make API calls to
> > whatever systems its connection drivers are configured for (gerrit
> > via ssh, github via https, et cetera).
> >
> > The zuul finger gateway daemon also needs to connect to the
> > unprivileged finger high-ports on the executors.
> >
> > And the zuul web daemon needs access to... the finger gateway? Other
> > things?
> Zuul web doesn't use the finger gateway, it also connects to the high
> finger ports on the executors.
> > And zuul (scheduler?) connects to an sql database for its db
> > reporter. I guess zuul web needs to be able to query that too for
> > the builds dashboard?
> >
> > What else am I forgetting? Or what did I get wrong above?
> That certainly seems like a good start.  :)
> To directly address the case where the cloud that nodepool is using is
> on a VPN, I think specifically you would need to make sure that the
> Nodepool launchers, builders, and Zuul executors are on the VPN as well.
> I think that's it.
> -Jim
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