Changing deb-src behavior on Debian in configure-mirrors role

Clark Boylan cboylan at
Wed Apr 27 17:19:23 UTC 2022


We recently noticed that configure-mirrors enables deb-src repositories on Debian but not Ubuntu. Typically deb-src repositories are not required by CI systems as jobs don't need those packages. These packages do consume significant disk space on your mirrors and the current configure-mirrors behavior means that you must replicate and include these package repos.

We would like this to no longer be the case so we've pushed a change to enable deb-src behind a configure-mirrors option [0]. Currently this flag defaults to True to preserve the preexisting behavior. In two weeks we will flip the default to False [1] improving the situation for people running the CI system and its package mirrors. If jobs need the source packages they can toggle the flag in their jobs or manually configure deb-src repo configuration themselves.



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