Zuul 5.2.5 released

James E. Blair jim at acmegating.com
Wed Apr 27 17:04:05 UTC 2022

The Zuul team is pleased to announce the release of Zuul 5.2.5.

Download it from PyPI: https://pypi.org/project/zuul

Find container images at: https://hub.docker.com/u/zuul

The release notes for 5.2.3 through 5.2.5, included below, are also
available in the documentation with hyperlink references:


Bug Fixes

* Projects and jobs on branches whose names have special characters in 
regular expressions could fail to match changes as intended. Implied 
branch matchers automatically generated from branch names are now 
treated as requiring exact matches. Any user-specified branch matcher 
(including in job.branches and pragma.implied-branches) are still 
treated as regular expressions.

* Project name regex handling has been updated to return all possible 
matches. Previously if there were collisions with short names it was an 
error. The point of the regex system is to simplify configuration and 
apply configs to all projects that match. Collisions don’t impact this 
behavior so we don’t need to raise an error in these cases.

* A change in 5.2.3 began reporting NO_JOBS results to the database 
which was unintentional. This has been corrected and they are no longer 
recorded in the database.

* Further instances of reporting NO_JOBS results to the database when 
not necessary have been corrected.

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