Zuul 3.19.0 released (final 3.x release)

James E. Blair corvus at inaugust.com
Wed May 27 21:26:35 UTC 2020

The Zuul team is pleased to announce the release of Zuul 3.19.0.

Download it from PyPI: https://pypi.org/project/zuul

The release notes, included below, are also available in the
documentation with hyperlink references:



This is expected to be the last 3.x release of Zuul (barring any
unanticipated bugfix releases).

The next release of Zuul, 4.0.0, will require the following deployment changes:

  * TLS ZooKeeper connections
  * Network connectivity from all components to ZooKeeper
  * A SQL database

These features are supported now, so it is important that you take this
time to switch your ZooKeeper connection to use TLS, and configure a SQL
connection. Even though only some Zuul components connect to ZooKeeper
today, you should ensure that the [zookeeper] section is present in
zuul.conf for all components, and that they have network connectivity to
the ZooKeeper servers. Doing so will make the upgrade to 4.0.0 seamless.

These changes are in support of ongoing work to enable multiple
scheduler processes for scaling and availability. After the 4.0.0
release, it is anticipated that further upgrades to Zuul made in support
of this work will be done with minimal disruption in the course of
normal releases.

Upgrade Notes

* Support for Ansible 2.6 has been removed.

* Ansible 2.7 is now deprecated since it only receives security updates
  and will be end of life soon.

* Zuul now defaults to Ansible 2.9 if no version is specified.

* The default behavior of the tools/encrypt_secret.py helper script is
  now to strip incoming input of leading and trailing whitespace. A new
  --no-strip option has been added to support people with secrets that
  contain valid leading or trailing whitespace.

* Please configure your Zuul to use TLS secured connection. Running Zuul
  with an unsecured connection to ZooKeeper is deprecated and will be
  unsupported in a future release. See zookeeper for details.

New Features

* Zuul now supports whitelisting and configuring ansible callbacks with
  ansible_callback “<name>”.

* Pipelines now provide a pipeline.dequeue reporter action so that
  reporters may run whenever an item is dequeued. The dequeue reporters
  will only apply if the item wasn’t a success or failure.

* Support for generating dynamic Badges has been added.

* The annotation levels for the file comments reported via Github checks
  API are now configurable in zuul_return. Each file comment entry can
  provide an optional level parameter [info|warning|error] that will be
  picked up by the Github reporter.

  For more details on how to provide file comments from Zuul, see the
  documentation of the Return Values.

* The status pipeline requirements of the Github driver
  pipeline.require.<github source>.status now also matches on statuses
  reported via the Github checks API.

* The tenant configuration now supports loading a different branch than
  master from config projects. See

* Zuul now matches tag items against their containing branches. This
  makes it simpler to have release jobs in-tree. See job.branches for

* The zuul-executor now also pauses all merger related tasks when it’s
  paused. Further the zuul-merger can also be paused by running
  zuul-merger pause.

* The serial pipeline manager has been added. It is designed to handle
  serialized deployment pipelines where supercedent is unsuitable in the
  case that not all jobs run on every merge.

* Add new timezone selector in web interface

* Zuul now supports a TLS secured connection to ZooKeeper.

Security Issues

* Zuul no longer adds environment variables starting with the ZUUL_
  prefix to ansibles environment which could result in secrets being

Bug Fixes

* In some cases (such as when an older version of kubectl is present on
  the executor, or the kubectl on the executor is from OpenShift),
  streaming logs from Kubernetes or OpenShift pods did not work. The log
  streaming system has been corrected to work with a wider range of
  kubectl versions and error logging has been improved.

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