Nodepool 3.13.0 released

James E. Blair corvus at
Wed May 27 21:23:01 UTC 2020

The Zuul team is pleased to announce the release of Nodepool 3.13.0.

Download it from PyPI:

The release notes, included below, are also available in the
documentation with hyperlink references:

New Features

* Support for encrypted connections to ZooKeeper has been added.

  Before enabling, ensure that both Zuul and Nodepool software versions
  support encrypted connections. See the Zuul release notes,
  documentation, and associated helper scripts for more information.

  Both Zuul and Nodepool may need to be restarted together with the new

* The docker images published to zuul/nodepool, zuul/nodepol-launcher
  and zuul/nodepool-builder are now built as multi-arch images and
  support arm64 in addition to amd64.

* Entries in the diskimages section can now specify a parent image to
  inherit configuration values from. You can also specify images for
  configuration use only as abstract to consolidate common values.

* There are new metrics for leaked resources: *
  nodepool.provider.<provider>.leaked.ports *
  nodepool.provider.<provider>.leaked.instances *

* Setting build-log-retention to -1 will disable the removal of old build logs.

Upgrade Notes

* The metric nodepool.provider.<provider>.downPorts has been renamed to

Bug Fixes

* Zookeeper hosts specified as IPv6 literals will now be configured

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