Use of "zuul delete-state"

James E. Blair jim at
Mon Sep 27 20:35:09 UTC 2021


For those who are tracking master: we ran into some issues recently that
required changes to how we store objects in ZooKeeper.  If you have run
recent commits of Zuul from master and upgrade, you may run into issues
starting Zuul because of the change in data format (it may manifest as a
crash on startup with a KeyError or something similar).  If you do so,
run this command to delete the ephemeral data from ZooKeeper:

  zuul delete-state

That will delete all the cached data, job requests, etc, but leave
Nodepool and secret key storage intact.  It may take a few minutes to
run, and the next time you start your scheduler it may take a little

Friendly reminder that if you encounter any ZooKeeper-related errors,
this command is always there as an escape hatch.


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