"Merge failed" in promote pipeline

James E. Blair jim at acmegating.com
Mon Sep 20 16:03:32 UTC 2021

Christian von Schultz <christian+zuul at embedl.com> writes:

> Hello everyone,
> I'm trying to make a promote pipeline, using the supercedent pipeline
> manager. I added a simple job just to see that it works, and it
> doesn't. The message in Gerrit is "Merge Failed", which I didn't
> expect from a post-merge pipeline. I thought it would just check out
> the commit in question and run the job. Do I need to tell it to do that?
> My pipeline configuration for the promote pipeline is based on this:
> https://zuul-ci.org/docs/zuul/reference/drivers/gerrit.html#reference-pipelines-configuration
> The project is running with "merge-mode: cherry-pick", but for changes
> that are already merged, I didn't expect any extra cherry-picking. How
> is this supposed to work?

Zuul hasn't seen a lot of use with cherry-picking merge modes; I believe
you may be right in your suspicion that it is naively cherry-picking the
already-merged change.

I think the options available are: switch away from cherry-pick; enhance
Zuul to support that case; or use a post pipeline instead of promote.

> I'm running Zuul 4.3.0.

Versions prior to 4.6.0 have significant security vulnerabilities:



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