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There are a few prerequisites that can be worked on prior to patching the
JS code:

On Sat, Jun 22, 2019 at 6:39 PM Paul Belanger <pabelanger at> wrote:

> Greetings,
> I wanted to share some feedback I've gotten over the last few weeks
> about the Zuul web UI, I am mostly doing so, because I am struggling to
> make progress on fixing these issue myself (I don't have my JS
> experience). Here are a few recent examples:
> Builds page
> -----------
> * Lack of pagination support. Currently, there is no easy way to scroll
>   through the history of the builds UI.  Right now, it is hardcoded to a
>   single page, of 50 results.  Users would like the ability to go
>   further backwards in time, even listing more then 50 results per page.
> This should already be supported by the REST API. If users aren't afraid
of cURL and raw JSON,
this can be a workaround until it is supported by the frontend.

This is also why merging the REST API doc soon could be helpful:

> * More filters. It has been asked, for the ability to add filtering for
>   start / end time ranges. This would allow a user to create a weekly
>   report email, linking to the results of the week. The context is
>   periodic jobs. Voting / non-voting jobs has also been requested.

 Filtering by time ranges needs to be implemented on the REST API. This
should be
relatively easy.

> * Regex of job name filters. We currently have a lot of jobs which
>   append the version of python onto a job name. For example,
>   ansible-test-network-integration-vyos-python37,
>   ansible-test-network-integration-vyos-python36, etc.  A few users have
>   requested the ability to use a single regex for job name filter
> This might be trickier server side, unless I am wrong this is DB-dependent
(ie not
all databases implement regex support, and if they do, not necessarily in a
standard way)

> Buildset page
> -------------
> * Add link to builds page of jobs that ran.  Some users would like to
>  see a link create, which auto creates the build page filters for a
>  change that was build. This is because, in our case we have some jobs
>  to do not report back to github, and depending on PR to list jobs isn't
>  100%.
> I'm happy to give additional information if needed, or also happy to
> write the code, howerver I'd likely need some hand holding for the first
> little bit.
> Thanks!
> Paul
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