Feedback for Zuul web UI

Paul Belanger pabelanger at
Sat Jun 22 16:38:52 UTC 2019


I wanted to share some feedback I've gotten over the last few weeks
about the Zuul web UI, I am mostly doing so, because I am struggling to
make progress on fixing these issue myself (I don't have my JS
experience). Here are a few recent examples:

Builds page

* Lack of pagination support. Currently, there is no easy way to scroll
  through the history of the builds UI.  Right now, it is hardcoded to a
  single page, of 50 results.  Users would like the ability to go
  further backwards in time, even listing more then 50 results per page.

* More filters. It has been asked, for the ability to add filtering for
  start / end time ranges. This would allow a user to create a weekly
  report email, linking to the results of the week. The context is
  periodic jobs. Voting / non-voting jobs has also been requested.

* Regex of job name filters. We currently have a lot of jobs which
  append the version of python onto a job name. For example,
  ansible-test-network-integration-vyos-python36, etc.  A few users have
  requested the ability to use a single regex for job name filter.

Buildset page

* Add link to builds page of jobs that ran.  Some users would like to
 see a link create, which auto creates the build page filters for a
 change that was build. This is because, in our case we have some jobs
 to do not report back to github, and depending on PR to list jobs isn't

I'm happy to give additional information if needed, or also happy to
write the code, howerver I'd likely need some hand holding for the first
little bit.


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