Zuul moved to zuul OpenDev Zuul Tenant

James E. Blair corvus at inaugust.com
Fri Jul 12 15:01:28 UTC 2019


In the OpenDev installation of Zuul (which is the Zuul that Zuul itself
uses for gating), I have moved all of the Zuul projects to their own
tenant (named "zuul").

If you want to see the status, you won't find it on zuul.openstack.org
anymore.  The new url is:


Also, if you have been using any dev releases (or our completely
unadvertised javascript content tarball releases), new versions are no
longer published to tarballs.openstack.org, but are now at:


Zuul maintainers are now completely responsible for the pipeline
definitions and trusted jobs that are part of the zuul tenant.  These
are located in the zuul/project-config project:


If that project hasn't been on your radar, now is a good time to notice

Several of the release and publication jobs have changed as part of the
move, so keep an eye out for unexpected problems there.  Some of them
now use the promote pipeline, so we should end up with faster

There is one immediate behavior change: the zuul tenant lacks the
'clean-check' requirement that the openstack tenant had.  This means
that you can approve a change to enqueue it into gate before the check
results have returned.  Feel free to use this to your advantage -- we
trust the gate.  :)


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