Design for mirrors in zuul-jobs

James E. Blair corvus at
Tue Jul 9 21:44:34 UTC 2019


When we started zuul-jobs, we had the idea that being able to use local
mirrors or proxies instead of remote package mirrors, etc, is a good
practice that we'd like to share with the wider community.

However, our implementation in the configure-mirrors role (and others)
was inherited from and built around the systems we had been running in
OpenDev (and OpenStack infra), and ended up encoding a number of
assumptions which don't generally hold.

We'd like to replace it with a more generic system which can accommodate
a wider range of schemes.  I've proposed a system at:

which I think will achieve that.  Essentially, each type of mirror that
the roles in zuul-jobs may expect to know about would be a key in a
dictionary, and under that key are data specific to that mirror.  So the
configure-mirrors role would, if it's being run on a Fedora system,
check the 'fedora' key of the mirror_info variable, and if it finds it,
use that URL to configure Fedora package mirrors.  The container roles
would likewise use the same mirror_info variable to see if there is a
"dockerhub" entry in the dictionary.

Please take a moment and review that change (which is documentation only
at this point) and see if it accommodates the use cases you're aware of,
and suggest any changes that may help us avoid backing into another
corner in the future.



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