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Artem Goncharov artem.goncharov at
Mon Jul 25 16:49:21 UTC 2022

Hi all,

Under <> you can find stack of changes for implementing Gitea driver in Zuul. The work is not finished and not all features (from my pov) are implemented, but it already becomes expensive to manage long stack needing to rebase everything due to other parallel interface changes to Zuul. Therefore I would kindly ask Zuul cores to have a look and start giving first core reviews (there are non core reviews slowly coming).

ReleaseNote is supposed to be added once functionality is generally completed and verified. Amount of CRD tests is also to be heavily increased.

We are currently already running productive Zuul with this stack applied (and we already gate PRs on private gitea installation), therefore it got some real functional testing as well and is free of the most obvious crashes.

I tried to keep implementation as close as possible to existing GitHub/GitLab/Pagure drivers, but surely due to the differences on server side (especially lack of web hooks documentation and need to reverse engineer the code and use trial/error approach) there are some differences:
- it is not possible to have labeled/unlabeled triggers, instead only label_changed (as the webhook reports) due to absence of the label change information
- need to explicitly fetch branch definition on every event to be able to evaluate merge-ability (similar to Github it is required to re-calculate requirements on Zuul side)
- absence of review dismissal event as such
- different permission model

Otherwise it looks and behaves very similar.

Thanks and regards,
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