Cross-project dependencies + build artifacts?

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Sun Jan 30 08:09:35 UTC 2022

 Hello Zuul folk,

I'm trying to integrate Zuul pipelines for a set of products set up in a
way where each project's build job creates a build artifact, and dependent
projects consume that artifact during their own build job.

I can't seem to get Zuul to do what I want it to do, and was wondering if I
made some wrong assumptions.

In the use-case I'm simulating, I have 2 projects:
- project1 which builds into a library exposing an API.
- project2 which consumes/links with that library at build time and uses
said API.

The setup I have for these projects boils down to:

- job:
    name: project1-build
    provides: lib

- job:
    name: project2-build
    requires: lib

- project:
    name: project1
    queue: product
        - project1-build

- project:
    name: project2
    queue: product
        - project2-build

There are some other jobs defined in project2's gate, which consume
project2-build's artifact to further test it before merging, but this works
as I expect using "job.dependencies" so I'm excluding them above.

In my use-case, a developer makes code changes to the API in project1, the
referencing API usage in project2, and wants Zuul to test these code
changes together, so they add to their commit message in project2:
Depends-On: <URL for the Gerrit change for project1>

Once the changes are approved they are enqueued in gate as expected, with
project2-build job waiting for the completion of project1-build.

Following project1-build's successful completion, this is what I naively
expected would happen:

- Zuul would wait for project2-build's successful completion before merging
the change for project1.
- project1-build's artifacts would be made available during
project2-build's runtime via {{ zuul.artifacts }}.
- In case project2-build fails, Zuul would prevent both changes from

What actually happens:

- The code change for project1 is immediately merged, with potentially
"bad" code that was not tested along with the developer's other change.
- In the Zuul web UI the connection between the two changes seems to be
severed / no longer there.
- During project2-build, {{ zuul.artifacts }} is not set.

I've tried setting as project1-build's last task:

- zuul_return:
        pause: true

But it didn't seem to have any effect.

So I guess my question is how can I prevent Zuul from merging a change
until depending changes complete testing along with its build artifacts,
and how can artifacts be accessed for cross-project dependencies?

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