Project lead election

James E. Blair jim at
Mon Jan 10 18:16:35 UTC 2022


The position of Zuul Project Lead is an elected position described in
our governance document[1].

I currently hold the position, and would be happy to continue in that
position for another year.

If elected, I plan to continue my current hands-off approach.  I believe
that all of the Zuul Maintainers are empowered to collectively decide on
and execute our vision for the project.  My purpose is to help
articulate that vision when necessary, drive the process of attaining
consensus, and be a point of contact and representative for the project
in circumstances where a single person is needed (but in those cases, I
promise to share as much of that work as possible with the rest of the

I have uploaded a change[2] to update the expiration date of my term.

If any other Zuul Maintainers would like to nominate themselves for the
position, please upload a similar change and send a reply to this
message to this list.

The nomination period will close on January 14, 2022.  If there are
other candidates, we will hold a Condorcet election at that time.



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