project configuration from config project is not reloaded on push to gerrit

James E. Blair jim at
Fri Feb 11 14:41:47 UTC 2022

On 2/11/22 04:37, Vasyl Vavrychuk wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to learn Zuul by configuring it step by step from scratch.
> I have noticed that configuration from my config project is not
> reloaded when I push change to gerrit, even so I see in Scheduler logs
>     2022-02-05 02:21:30,127 DEBUG
> zuul.zk.event_queues.ConnectionEventQueue: Submitting connection event
> to queue /zuul/events/connection/gerrit/events/queue: {'timestamp':
> 1644020490.1274238, 'payload': {'submitter': {'name': 'Administrator',
> 'email': 'admin at', 'username': 'admin'}, 'refUpdate':
> {'oldRev': '6c0377e50f7327ee7d272c79ccbdf9d12cadf048', 'newRev':
> 'ca3ecef3a501db2143e32fa628158fbdfaf9377a', 'refName':
> 'refs/heads/master', 'project': 'zuul-config'}, 'type': 'ref-updated',
> 'eventCreatedOn': 1644020490}}
> Moreover, configuration from config project is not reloaded even after
> Zuul Scheduler restart. It is only reloaded after
> 1. Stop Scheduler.
> 2. Stop ZooKeeper.
> 3. Remove ZooKeeper data directory (/tmp/zookeeper in my case).
> 4. Start ZooKeeper.
> 5. Start Scheduler.
> I check if my config project is reloaded by introducing some error,
> committing it and pushing directly to master.
> I see that during restart Scheduler keeps saying
>    2022-02-05 13:12:05,769 DEBUG zuul.TenantParser: Using files from
> cache for project localhost/zuul-config @master: ['zuul.d/jobs.yaml',
> 'zuul.d/pipelines.yaml', 'zuul.d/projects.yaml']
> so my changes are being ignored.

Try proposing the change in Gerrit and either submitting it in Gerrit or 
letting Zuul gate and merge it.

Otherwise, Zuul doesn't know that a push affects its configuration; it 
expects every change to be reviewed.  If you do push outside the 
code-review system, then you'll need to do a full or tenant 
reconfiguration as Jeremy suggests.


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