Cross-project dependencies + build artifacts?

Ian Wienand iwienand at
Wed Feb 2 00:45:10 UTC 2022

On Sun, Jan 30, 2022 at 10:09:35AM +0200, A richist wrote:
> In the use-case I'm simulating, I have 2 projects:
> - project1 which builds into a library exposing an API.
> - project2 which consumes/links with that library at build time and uses
> said API.

> In my use-case, a developer makes code changes to the API in project1, the
> referencing API usage in project2, and wants Zuul to test these code
> changes together, so they add to their commit message in project2:
> Depends-On: <URL for the Gerrit change for project1>

> Once the changes are approved they are enqueued in gate as expected, with
> project2-build job waiting for the completion of project1-build.

> Following project1-build's successful completion, this is what I naively
> expected would happen:

> - Zuul would wait for project2-build's successful completion before merging
> the change for project1.

If I'm understanding, project2 (your app) added a Depends-On: for the
API change in project1 (your library project) ... but project1 doesn't
depend on project2.  There's nothing to stop project1 merging once
passing tests and given approval.

Broadly, and without knowing the specifics, I'd suggest it's important
for your library project to be gating on backwards compatability --
ensuring that the current HEAD of your consumer project works with any
new changes to the library before merging.  That way, you're not
committing anything to the library that would break your current

You can then do as you're doing and speculatively test your project
against the new API parts, etc. iterating and fixing as usual.  I
guess ideally there would be communication so that the library doesn't
merge the change until it is ready.

What you're describing sounds like a circular dependency which has
been discussed but isn't implemented [1].  I think it is quite
unlikely this is actually what you want.

> - project1-build's artifacts would be made available during
> project2-build's runtime via {{ zuul.artifacts }}.

I would expect this should happen, if everything else is working...

> - In case project2-build fails, Zuul would prevent both changes from
> merging.

Note that the provides/requires job tags don't enforce dependencies.
"requires: <string>" is really just "walk the changes I depend on and
put their artifacts into zuul.artifacts if they provide <string>".

In cases where there are no speculative dependencies, it would be

> What actually happens:

> - The code change for project1 is immediately merged, with potentially
> "bad" code that was not tested along with the developer's other change.

As noted there is nothing stopping this.

> - In the Zuul web UI the connection between the two changes seems to be
> severed / no longer there.

Not exactly sure what this means, but you should see project2-build
with a dependency on project1-build in the status page.  If not, well
then the dependency hasn't been picked up.  This might be a formatting
issue with the Depends-On: line or similar.

> - During project2-build, {{ zuul.artifacts }} is not set.

If, per the previous point, project2-build wasn't actually picking up
the dependency on project1-build due to a typo or similar, this may be
the result.



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