Attempt #2 at finding time for a meeting with Zuul and Open Infra Board

Clark Boylan cboylan at
Wed Aug 10 20:09:12 UTC 2022

The first round of scheduling for this meeting ended up colliding with Open Infra Board member conflicts. The Board has suggested that some time in September would be best for them. I've created a new poll [0] that has identified two weeks in September to select times from. Note September 13-15 are skipped due to a conflict with Open Source Summit Europe [1].

As mentioned in my previous attempt at scheduling this meeting [2] the goals behind this meeting are to build communication channels and mutual context. The meeting is meant to be informal. Ideally we'd have as many Zuul maintainers participate as possible, but all are welcome to attend. If you'd like to join us please fill out the scheduling poll so that we can do our best to select a time option that works best for you [0]. I'd like to keep this poll open until August 19 then provide the results to the Board.



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