Forum session for unrestricted Ansible

Jeremy Stanley fungi at
Tue Apr 19 23:28:51 UTC 2022

On 2022-04-19 15:34:04 -0700 (-0700), James E. Blair wrote:
> There are some Forum slots available at the upcoming summit, and I was
> thinking that a session where folks can share their thoughts on the
> unrestricted Ansible work may be useful.  I expect the release including
> that to happen very soon, so we will have seen it in production for a little
> while.  Folks can share their concerns, experiences, mitigation measures,
> etc, and we can learn whether the direction we have chosen is going well or
> if we need to make changes.
> If that sounds good, I'll submit a request.

Sounds great to me, I'd gladly attend!
Jeremy Stanley
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