Possible use of Matrix?

James E. Blair jim at acmegating.com
Sat May 29 22:47:42 UTC 2021

"James E. Blair" <jim at acmegating.com> writes:

> Okay, here's my vision for the future:
> First, I'd like to suggest that folks sign up for a matrix.org account
> and use the IRC bridge to connect to #zuul on freenode.  If/when we
> switch to a different IRC network, just follow us to that network.
> This is an easy way for us to evaluate Matrix (both the clients and the
> server network) and decide if we like the technology.
> Assuming we do, then we should consider eliminating the middle-man, and
> move from a bridged IRC channel to a native Matrix room.  At that point,
> we will want a homeserver for the room at least.  This is where getting
> feedback early so that we know what to prepare for would be good (do we
> want a homeserver just to host rooms?  or should we also be looking to
> host user accounts as well?).  There are discussions to be had with
> OpenDev and the Foundation about this, but first we need to know where
> we want to go.

No one has told me this is a terrible idea, so you're either very polite
or think it's worth exploring.

I know that a number of folks have started using Matrix and the bridge,
and are continuing to do so.  I am as well.

Now that we are moving beyond the immediate crisis of the Freenode ->
OFTC transition, I think we can start talking about whether we want to
take the next step and move to Matrix.

I pushed up a Zuul spec about that here:


I'd like to use that to see if we can obtain consensus about moving to
Matrix.  Keep in mind that once we agree on that, that's merely the
indication that we, as a project, want that.  We will then discuss with
the OpenDev folks how to make that happen.

It sounds process heavy, but I don't think it has to be slow.  I think
this could happen as quickly or as slowly as we want it to.  Ultimately
it's not that complicated technically.

And of course, many of the OpenDev folks are in our community as well,
so it's not like anything is going to come as a surprise.  But since
some of us wear multiple hats, I just want to respect project

Anyway, take a look at that, leave feedback, and we'll go from there.


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